Matthew Williamson Animated Winter Organza Dress

British fashion designer Matthew Williamson approached us to re-energise their online offering with a new responsive web-based magazine and e-commerce platform. We helped them strengthen their online identity and provide a mechanism for them to communicate with their customers and fan base.

So, why create a magazine? More importantly, how come you've read this far! Gold star for you. We wanted to provide a fun format to communicate the daily goings on from the World of Williamson. We worked closely with Matthew and his team to find inspiration from traditional print including mechanisms such as drop caps, pull quotes, captions, magazine bindings and print tests. But more than that, we wanted the whole magazine to feel completely shoppable, with seemless boundaries between the e-commerce side of things and the magazine. The whole site is web 2'd to the max, creating a frictionless and fun shopping experience and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with the latest web technologies. Vogue called it a "digital revolution". And we're super proud of it!  

“It's been a pleasure working on my website with Electric Labs. Their expertise and knowledge is second to none. Thanks to them, our site has come to life - mixing the creative elements of our brand with a slick online shopping experience”
Matthew Williamson
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The site was designed to be fully responsive, in other words it works perfectly whether you're on mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop. The site uses ajax page loading, which means you never see a full page refresh, we simply fetch new content and display it on the screen. This makes the site lightning quick to browse. The site has helped Matthew Williamson achieve record online sales figures.

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